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Sea Ice Forecasting

Sea Ice forecasts are valuable when planning a voyage through sea ice or when trying to avoid contact with the ice. National ice services and commercial actors as well as the EU through the MyOcean portal provide sea ice forecasts on regular basis. However, the temporal and spatial scales as well as the quality of the forecasts vary. Icebergs are huge potential dangers to off-shore operations. They can be found far from the ice edge, making them important to be aware of also in“sea-ice free” areas. More locally it is important to keep track of iceberg drift and drift forecasts are required but seldom provided with sufficient accuracy.

An ice forecast displayed on the POLAR ICE ViewIce visualisation system as a part of the Baffin Bay internal demonstration.

An ice forecast displayed on the POLAR ICE ViewIce visualisation system as a part of the Baffin Bay internal demonstration.

Sea Ice Pressure

POLAR ICE are developing products specifically for users who must travel through sea ice, such as cargo vessels and research ships heading for a specific destination and for users who must operate in the ice, such as oil combating operations and search and rescue missions.

In light of this products are being produced to allow planning routes with respect to sea ice pressure and products that supply real time information for those who need it for direct operation.  These products use information from a mixture of sources, including satellite and buoy data to allow customers to receive the most accurate and up to date information possible.

Sea Ice Thickness

POLAR ICE is developing a range of products to supply the user with sea ice thickness information in the Arctic, Antarctic, Barents and Kara sea. The products use data from a range of sources including the Sentinel-1 SAR data to ensure that the user receives the most accurate and up to date information. The products will be available as netC DF files and as Geo Tiff and quick look images.

Heavy ice outside Port Saunders (C-CORE)

These products will improve the safety and efficiency of shipping, fishing, tourism and off-shore operations in sea ice. They allow improved decision making at both short timescales, for example real time navigation, and medium to long term planning, for example route planning and risk assessment. The improved accuracy and quality of POLAR ICE sea ice thickness products will also provide accurate and reliable input for Ice and weather services and climate modelling. POLAR ICE ice thickness observations will also feed into engineering design of ships and off-shore platforms. The firm adherence to the users requirements shall be maintained by keeping a close collaboration with key end-users and user federating bodies.


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